Exhibition: You won’t believe your eyes…!

12 March 2020

The exhibition ‘You won’t believe your eyes..’ features various works by Naald Kunstenares with a big N and a big K: Nelleke Dekker. You can admire a number of beautifully embroidered works of art based on optical illusions, Op art and other abstract arts. In plain language: these are works of art that, when you look at them, keep moving….!

From left to right, from bottom to top the embroidered lines are constantly changing so that you ‘don’t believe your eyes.’
(old) Waarlandse Nelleke was inspired to embroider in 2013 when she visited the biennial international art manifestation in Venice during a holiday.

In one of the many rooms there were 2 works of art, which she estimated from a distance to be embroideries (there was also a lot of textile handicraft art on display). However, it turned out to be graphic work.
She was disappointed about that and decided on the spot that she would embroider it herself. She took pictures of the 2 works of art, put them on the computer at home and figured out how to embroider the designs. This became the beginning of her embroidery passion. She has now made 23 pieces of embroidery in 9 years. Her most fascinating works now hang in the Molenhuijs Waarland museum so that everyone can enjoy her passion. A real recommendation that you should not miss!

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Exhibition: You won’t believe your eyes…!
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