Why does this mill have two doors?

Hopefully you will get an answer to this question on your visit.

The interior of the mill is furnished in such a way that you will believe you went back to the thirties of the previous century. There is a kitchen, a living room with two bedboxes and a room where the Polder administration met in the past. In the attic of the mill, there are various items: from fishing tackle and gardening tools to an old ice sledge. Along a small staircase, you end up in the loft with the wallower. Here you can see how the wallower is attuned to the wind.


The holy roman life

In the living room, there are a crucifix and statues of Mary and Joseph. Each one stands under a glass bell. Two stoups are hanging on the wall. They were filled with holy water and before going to sleep, one would dip two fingers into the water and then make the sign of the cross.

Proverbs and expressions

"De molen draait voor de prins (operating a mill unloaded), een klap van de molen krijgen (losing your wits), de molen gaat door de vang (being lost at sea), tegen windmolens vechten (tilting at windmills)."

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