The history

In 2010 a scientific investigation on the annual rings of the mill’s construction material has been carried out. It was determined that this octagonal smock mill from northern Holland was built in 1532. It is probably the oldest still existing polder mill in the Netherlands.

The mill house has been built in 1997. Before that the shed of Agie Bakkum, the last occupant of the mill, stood there in its place. This shed or shanty has been built in 1893 for the miller of that time, Piet Noordstrand.

To the mill To the mill house

Exhibition: 75 years of liberation

In addition to the permanent exhibition, attention will be given to the Second World War this season. What happend in Waarland in the time from 1940-1945? You can read about that on seven posters.  Furthermore, there are showcases with warmaterial. In this, our foundation received help from the Regional Museum 1940-1945 of Schagen.

Mrs. Kooistra and Mrs. Ferwerda

"A surprisingly pleasant encounter with a splendidly well-kept monument, surrounded by westfrisian cosiness."

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