The history

In 2010 a scientific investigation on the annual rings of the mill’s construction material has been carried out. It was determined that this octagonal smock mill from northern Holland was built in 1532. It is probably the oldest still existing polder mill in the Netherlands.

The mill house has been built in 1997. Before that the shed of Agie Bakkum, the last occupant of the mill, stood there in its place. This shed or shanty has been built in 1893 for the miller of that time, Piet Noordstrand.

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Multifunctional interactive information column

The Molenhuijs Waarland has a novelty this year. Like a number of other museums in the Municipality of Schagen, we now have a multifunctional information column! Multifunctional? Yeah!

The very user-friendly column has:

  • A photo report of various nostalgic tools and utensils from the past
  •  A timeline from the construction of the mill to the present day
  • Various films from the old box with, among other things, the flooding of the Bleekmeer, a tour of Waarland and the renovation of the mill
  • A quiz after which, if the questions are answered correctly, a real ‘Miller assistant’ diploma is awarded
  • A jigsaw puzzle in various difficulty categories

This column has been realized from the subsidy pot of the Cooperating Museums Schagen, for which many thanks!

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